Do you need a beautiful website that also handles e-Commerce? Do you have a great idea for a blog but don't know how to start? Do you need help setting up your new venture? What about an elegant, updating dashboard that articulates your key metrics and financials?  Let Eastland Creative customize, build and maintain your professional infrastructure so that you can focus on running your business. 


Web Design

A website is more than an online business card. It's the home base for your brand.  It's a place to share your latest news, sell your products and services, and connect with potential customers. Eastland Creative excels at delivering simple, elegantly designed web pages of every size and for every need.



Every great company needs a great logo. Eastland Creative has the eye for classic, clean brand design. Our logos are familiar, yet unique. Let us distinguish your venture from the pack. 


Print Design

Don't underestimate the power of paper in a digital world. Presentations, newsletters, and brochures as well as collateral like business cards and bumper stickers are a must-have. Our team works directly with yours to distill your message in an organized, beautiful way.


Business Metrics and Visual Analysis

You wouldn't drive a car without a dashboard.  You also can't run a successful business without real time, digestible and actionable information.  We combine our design expertise with honed skills in financial planning and data analysis.  Let us empower you, the decision maker, with real-time awareness of your business.